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Wonders of Heaven is dedicated to empowering Hair Care the organic way. Using pure 100% organic ingredients and powerful vitamin serums we have developed the magical solution for all your scalp hair problems in one single solution. We call it Grow & Glow – All Ingredients are Grown, Harvested and Processed carefully while the final mixture is made in a careful controlled hygienic environment – Because Your hair, We care!

Customers took our 2 Weeks Challenge and permanently switched to Grow&Glow

Made with:
1- Coconut Oil for Nourishment
2- Almond Oil to Soften&Strengthen
3- Olive Oil for fighting Dandruff
4- Castor Oil for Moisturizing
5- Aloevera For Soothing the Scalp
6- Lavender Oil for Extra Shine
7- Mustard Oil For Volume
8- Amla Retha for Regrowth
9- Tea Tree oil for Hair Health
10- Our Secret Ingredient πŸ˜‰

Apply At Least Thrice A Week For 2-4 Hours Or Even Over Night To Witness True Wonders #2WeekChallenge


WOH Wooden Comb is recommended because:
β €
1) wooden bristles, on the other hand, are gentle and massage the scalp πŸƒ
β €
2) Wooden combs prevent your mane from getting electrically charged; thereby avoiding static. πŸ€
β €
3) Wooden bristles have the ability to absorb the natural oils and sebum from the scalp and distribute it evenly along each strand. πŸ₯°
β €
4) It detangles hair with minimum effort and strain on the hair, this leads to reduced hair loss and breakage. πŸ’Œ
β €
Order your #WohWoodenComb today with your #PremiumHairCare Set

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